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I am in the middle of thesis crunch time. It would be easy to despair. Fortunately, I have been pointed at things that made me laugh and thus prevented me from giving up hope. These things include:

1. Anton Vowl from Enemies of Reason on "Why do I love my ironing board?. I sympathise. I am also strangely fond of my ironing board. I can make cloth flatter with it. This makes me feel In Control.

2. Jane Austen's Fight Club is hilarious and awesome. And features Lizzie Bennett and Fanny Price fighting in their underwear.

3. A cautionary tale from [ profile] fanficrants about the importance of good proofreading. It is very plausible that Sirius Black's middle name might be Orion - it's his father's name, it fits with the whole star name thing. The only problem is that it then takes one typo to plunge us into the alternative universe in which the Blacks saddled their son with the middle name Onion. As, presumably, some kind of Slytherin version of the Boy Named Sue.

I kind of want this to be canon now.

ETA: Also, a fox just wandered into my back garden, prowled around for a bit, came right up to the French windows and gave me a Look, then cleared off. And that was quite cool.
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1. Garth Ennis. Sometime genius, sometime juvenile git. This, though, is pure Genius Ennis. A moment from the late lamented Hitman comic, a rather touching slice of Superman angst, and some interesting thoughts on where the big blue boy scout fits into the mythology of the American Dream.

2. A rather sweet Harry Potter fic sending up the particular variant of bad fic in which a hardcore Evangelical Christian who believes magic is evil gets sent to Hogwarts. It's fairly obviously High Church Anglican flavoured, but it's written well enough that even a hardcore atheist like myself went "awww".

3. More gratuitous cats being really rather silly in a cute kind of way.
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1. Lust Over Pendle: in which war hero Neville Longbottom shocks the Wizarding World by shacking up with Draco Malfoy. An interesting blend of comedy of manners and spy thriller, in a Dorothy L. Sayers-esque writing style.

2. Harry Potter and the Mai Tai of Doom. It has Harry Potter, Voldemort and a tiki bar in it. It is impressively Wrong, and great fun.

3. The Boys of Summer: Harry Potter. Cricket. Sirius Black impersonates Test Match Special. Margaret Thatcher proves to be much, much scarier than Voldemort.

4. Cat Tales: Batman/Catwoman, done as a rather sweet rom-com.

5. Look at the pretty maths!



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