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Good News: Knights of the Old Republic makes me happy. It's rebuilding my Star Wars squee to pre-prequel levels. It makes me so happy that I'm even managing to stay mostly Light Side.

Bad News: It's crashing like a bastard. Keeps freezing once I go into menu screens or cut scenes, and the graphics keep going weird and flickery on me. Yes, I have Googled this fault, and found nothing helpful. Are there patches in obscure locations I should be downloading? Should I perhaps be forcing this process to run on a single core? Do I need to fiddle with my graphics card settings?

Please. You want me to stay good, don't you?
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The week in Godawful Science:

1. A couple of idiots attempt what is either a) one of the most shoddy and unethical pieces of research I've ever seen or b) one of the biggest trolling exercises I've ever seen. I can't possibly summarise the FAIL nearly as well as these two bloggers did. Suffice to say that their brilliant research questionnaire included such stunningly logical questions as "Which fictional character would you consider your perfect mate?"

2. [ profile] dracothelizard linked to a particularly failtastic piece of "research" that claims to prove that girls are innately scared of spiders. Sigh. I refer you to my username. Evolutionary psychologists prove, once again, that I don't exist.

Anyway, having proven I'm imaginary, let me cheer you up with some News of the Weird:

1. The Whitstable Seagulls. They will come for your cat and your allen keys.

2. If you've ever wondered what Lalla Ward's been doing since leaving Tom Baker, besides illustrating and editing Richard Dawkins' books, wonder no more. Knitting patterns. The pictures of her modelling them have to be seen to be believed.

3. Ben Goldacre now owns a cape and has managed to befriend Tony Head in Waitrose. This is clearly a Sign.


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