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The Official Version
From the records of Watch Station Erioch:
"...The source of the psychic plague affecting the Deathwatch Librarium was eventually traced back to the Laeran artefacts discovered in the ruins on the world of Iphigenia. It appears that the work of Inquisitor Albertine Hoffmann and Brother-Codicier Ardashir in studying the sonic weaponry that had been recovered exposed them to the corruption carried within the very language of the Laer.

Kill-Team Claritas Pennata pursued the daemonic infestation tirelessly: first destroying the corrupted Brother-Codicer Ardashir and purging Watch Station Andronicus of the taint he had introduced; then purging the daemonic taint from the library of the Sisters Dialogus at Babel XVII, whilst cleansing corruption within their own Kill-team; later hunting the daemonhost that was all that remained of Inquisitor Hoffmann to the battlefleet near Iphigenia, where they succeeded in not only destroying it but recovering the Emperor-class battlecruiser that she had commandeered and rooting out an infiltrator within the ranks of the Deathwatch itself.

Finally, under the command of Brother-Chaplain Siegmund Salenar, they pursued the taint back to the Laeran sites on Iphigenia, ran the Tau blockade, succeeded in destroying Watch Station Skapula in order to keep it out of the foul xenos' hands, and succeeded in destroying all three Laeran sites. Brother-Librarian Agravaine reports that it appears that the Laeran ruins appear to have been sucked into the Immaterium, and that the Warp appears to be uncommonly still and calm in the vicinity of Iphigenia.

Kill-Team Claritas Pennata and the Kill-Marine Tacitus, last seen hunting a Tau Ethereal in the vicinity of Iphigenia, are presumed missing in action. They are remembered as heroes of the Deathwatch. May the Emperor's light shine upon their souls."

The Secret History )
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Prometheus is very nearly good. I found it both incredibly compelling and incredibly frustrating. I'm feeling fannish as all hell about it, but mainly about the potential it had rather than the actuality. It does look amazing though.

In short, if you like cracky dark sci-fi involving extraordinarily pretty people being extraordinarily crap in the face of alien threats, this'll keep you going nicely until the next series of Torchwood.

Contains massive spoilers, quite a lot of pics (some of which are even tangentially relevent to the film), body horror (some of which is pregnancy related), project management rage, existentialism and tasteless jokes. If that hasn't put you off, click here. )
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The Leverage/WH40K crossover.

No, really.

Featuring the adventures of Lord-Captain Nathan Fforde, of the Rogue Trader ship Leverage; his Seneschal, Sophia Devereaux; Arch-Militant and former mercenary Colonel Eliot; Explorator Hardison ("It's the age of the Magos, baby!"); and a woman known only as Parker, who was thrown out of the Callidus Temple for not being good enough at the social skills bit.

Their plan: to save the Imperium from itself by reviving Roboute Guilliman.

"Let's go steal us a Primarch!"

(Now I just need a plot and tedious things like that).
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Soundtrack is your friend. VNV Nation generally makes everything a bit more epic, as does E. S. Posthumous:.

Perhaps the best choice is Gary Numan's Exile, given that it's an industrial concept album about the War In Heaven. Adds absolute shedloads of epic even if you're trying to cope with Graham McNeill's writing style.

Note 1: do make sure you have your MP3 player set to cycle through tracks by artist, not by artist in order. Fulgrim with a soundtrack by Half Man Half Biscuit was just... unsettling.

Note 2: if the novel in question is Battle for the Abyss, hit the absinthe. You may end up hallucinating a plot and characters.
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1. Baen Books have released a CD with the new printing of CryoBurn, the latest Miles Vorkosigan novel, which contains a full set of the Vorkosigan Saga and some cool extras. The really shiny thing is that they're also allowing free downloads of this CD as a promotion, and a load of other free SF novels. Which should keep you going for a while.

2. Black Library have also started releasing free ebooks. So far they've got First and Only (Dan Abnett, Sharpe in space, awesome) and Nightbringer (Graham McNeill, Ultramarines, becomes a bit more interesting if you read it with slash goggles on) available, and also some short fiction (including a short story by Sarah Calkwell, who is one of the better Space Marine fanfic writers).

3. The Clockwork Dolls, a rather fantastic steampunk band, have made three of their best songs available for free download here, and there's also their rather fantastic cover version of "Don't Stop Believin'" available.

ETA: And also their cover of "The Final Countdown".

4. Cries of the Planet is Vernian Process' steampunk remix of the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. FREE STEAMPUNK FFVII. DO WANT.
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So my copy of the Deathwatch main rulebook arrived today, just before I left for work. About bloody time!

Expect a proper review later, when I've had a chance to look at it properly. It's a pleasant reminder that there is Life After Thesis. Observations so far:
1. Not that impressed by the cover art, which shows a Space Marine with really weird posture, but the interior art is as lovely as I'd expect from a 40K RPG.
2. The armoury chapter: dear Emperor, that's a lot of ammo types.
3. There are indeed rules for spitting acid and eating your enemies' brains to get their knowledge. The Adeptus Astartes: giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "crack troops".

So I just need to finish my thesis and then I can start writing up a campaign next.
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I've just been reading some of the articles on The Secret History of Star Wars, which is a collection of articles (and a 100-word preview of a book) about the development of the trilogy we know and love (and that other trilogy we know). What really interested me is all the glimpses of the Star Wars we missed - the one where Darth Vader really did betray and murder Luke's father, or where Leia was Luke's love interest not his sister, or where there was a whole episode about Wookiees set on Kashyyyk.

And, of course, there's the alternative world where David Lynch directed Return of the Jedi. I can't help but speculate about how that might have gone. How viscerally nasty would Jabba's court have become? How cryptic would Yoda's dialogue have got?

And this leads me to a fun game to play in your lunch hour.

Pick a continuity, any one you like. Speculate wildly about how it might have gone differently if written by another author.

Let's consider the counterfactual worlds in which Warren Ellis wrote WH40K fiction*, and Joss Whedon was in charge of The X-Files.

Listen, there's a hell of a good universe next door.

*I suspect in this universe Nottingham mysteriously burned down**, among other things.
** Note to self: Warren Ellis probably cannot actually set things on fire with his mind. Probably.


Jul. 1st, 2010 12:46 pm
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I have just spent the morning in a meeting arguing about what activities best serve The Greater Good.


My boss used that precise phrase.

If I can't get some WH40K fic out of this job, I'm just not trying.
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A question I've been considering for some time: how do you write flawed heroes, anti-heroes and villain protagonists without sounding as if you endorse them? In particular, how do you write characters who hold opinions and values that are utterly appalling by contemporary standards?*

It's fine line. You don't want to present their opinions too uncritically, and you don't want to make excuses for them, but at the same time you don't want to patronise your audience by making all the characters you don't agree with into puppy-kicking caricatures.

I guess part of the question I'm asking here would be: is there anything you can do to prevent/minimise the Misaimed Fandom problem?

Cut for spoilers for Watchmen, Life on Mars and Dollhouse )

*sparked off partially by wanting to write WH40K fic, and partly by this discussion here on "ironic" racism - I didn't want to hijack that discussion, so I've taken these issues over here.
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