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The Leverage/WH40K crossover.

No, really.

Featuring the adventures of Lord-Captain Nathan Fforde, of the Rogue Trader ship Leverage; his Seneschal, Sophia Devereaux; Arch-Militant and former mercenary Colonel Eliot; Explorator Hardison ("It's the age of the Magos, baby!"); and a woman known only as Parker, who was thrown out of the Callidus Temple for not being good enough at the social skills bit.

Their plan: to save the Imperium from itself by reviving Roboute Guilliman.

"Let's go steal us a Primarch!"

(Now I just need a plot and tedious things like that).
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Soundtrack is your friend. VNV Nation generally makes everything a bit more epic, as does E. S. Posthumous:.

Perhaps the best choice is Gary Numan's Exile, given that it's an industrial concept album about the War In Heaven. Adds absolute shedloads of epic even if you're trying to cope with Graham McNeill's writing style.

Note 1: do make sure you have your MP3 player set to cycle through tracks by artist, not by artist in order. Fulgrim with a soundtrack by Half Man Half Biscuit was just... unsettling.

Note 2: if the novel in question is Battle for the Abyss, hit the absinthe. You may end up hallucinating a plot and characters.


Jul. 1st, 2010 12:46 pm
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I have just spent the morning in a meeting arguing about what activities best serve The Greater Good.


My boss used that precise phrase.

If I can't get some WH40K fic out of this job, I'm just not trying.
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It was early on in the 41st millennium that one of the darker secrets of the Adeptus Astartes first became known to the Inquistion. We had known, for some time, that certain Space Wolf initiates responded... badly to the genetic legacy of Leman Russ, becoming bloodthirsty mutants known as Wulfen.
The other, darker secret of the Space Wolves was kept hidden for millennia, until its ravages finally became too prominent to ignore.

Quite apart from its genetic component, the Canis Helix contains a memetic virus that rewrites important sections of its host's conceptual space. Specifically, it begins overwriting certain important concepts with "wolf".

The Wolf Virus might have stayed secret for millennia longer, were it not that its effects are progressive. What might have been passed off as a perfectly normal tendency to want to name everything after one's favourite animal gradually developed into the tendency to adopt names like Wolf Wolfborn of the Wolf and go into battle accompanied by wolves, riding a giant wolf, or, in extreme cases, with a rather surprised wolf strapped to each pauldron.

Matters came to a head when it became clear that certain Space Wolf veterans were in fact convinced that they were required to be armed with a bolter and chainwolf. Despite the most valiant attempts of their Iron Priests, fitting a chain to a large predatory animal proved to be not only difficult but not very effective in combat.*

We have become aware that Lord Grimnar, after seeking counsel from Commander Dante of the Blood Angels, has in fact opted to deal with this by establishing a Wolf Company for those afflicted (or as its longer-standing members refer to it, a "Wolf Wolf"). Rumours that Lord Grimnar required an interpreter during said talks are unsubstantiated.

It is absolutely imperative that the Inquisition refrain from detailed discussion of the Wolf Virus. Quite apart from the likely response of the Space Wolves**, the possibility has been mooted that the memetic nature of the Wolf Virus means that it can, in wolf, be communicated through verbal or wolf transmission of the very concept. If this is indeed the wolf, then this wolf may have devastating consequences for the Imperium of Wolf.

*It should, however, be noted, that a squad of chainwolf wielding Long Fangs routed the Tau army on Gethsemane IV within a matter of minutes. We are not yet certain as to whether their retreat can be attributed more to sheer confusion, or to pity for the condition of the wolves.
** The last Inquisitor to raise the issue was killed by Tau whilst attached to the Space Wolf presence on Gethsemane III. The Ordo Xenos is currently investigating claims by Commander Eirik Wolfsblood that the Tau now have such impressive firepower that they can shoot you in the back from a different planet.


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