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1. Garth Ennis. Sometime genius, sometime juvenile git. This, though, is pure Genius Ennis. A moment from the late lamented Hitman comic, a rather touching slice of Superman angst, and some interesting thoughts on where the big blue boy scout fits into the mythology of the American Dream.

2. A rather sweet Harry Potter fic sending up the particular variant of bad fic in which a hardcore Evangelical Christian who believes magic is evil gets sent to Hogwarts. It's fairly obviously High Church Anglican flavoured, but it's written well enough that even a hardcore atheist like myself went "awww".

3. More gratuitous cats being really rather silly in a cute kind of way.
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It's a pity that I didn't have this paper handy to wave at the Survey Twits. It displays a series of fMRI scans purporting to show how different areas of the brain light up when the owner of said brain is shown pictures of scenes of human interaction with different emotional content.

Thing is? The owner of the brain was a salmon, and was not alive at the time. The active voxels were due to random noise in the fMRI time series.

It's a valuable cautionary tale as regards false positives. Before you publish your fMRI data, ask yourself if you could have got the same results from a dead fish.

Anyway, things that make me happy:
1. I now have a large stack of vintage back issues of 2000AD dating from 1979-1985, which turned up in someone's attic and were given to me for free. They include such highlights as the Apocalypse War, the Judge Death Arc, and the issue in wich Johnny Alpha finally moved in with Wulf Sternhammer. Squee!

2. As recommended by [ profile] huggyrei: sleeping kittens. Making little high-pitched kitteny noises. I am dead of cute now.

3. [ profile] scans_daily is gone but not forgotten. Other communities have stepped into the breach, and there are archives available, as is explained here.

4. Cory Doctorow's short stories and novels are available online, since he's putting his money where his mouth is on Creative Commons. He's got a nice line in really rather well-thought-out near futures, and can do great world-building by paying attention to the little details of what people eat, how they get to work and so on. He's also got a rather touching appreciation for the aesthetics of junk.
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I've got a cold that won't go away, a car at the opposite end of the country, and a graduate student career that's coming to resemble the Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei without any of the fun bits. What better way to cheer myself up than with five utterly bizarre crossovers and some ocelot kittens?

1. In The Sewers He Lies Dreaming by [ profile] spuffyduds. Due South/Lovecraft.

2. A whole series of Dangermouse/Professionals crossovers by Debra Hicks.

3. Sailor Hellblazer by David Tai and Rod M. Sailor Moon/Hellblazer. No, really.

4. And The Sun Smiled Down On Me by Ken Cockrel, Jr. Hellblazer/I'm not saying for reasons of spoilers.

5. Rumpole and the Mutant Problem by Palle Madsen. Rumpole of the Bailey/X-Men. Sadly incomplete, but rather wonderful as far as it goes.

6. I promised you kittens. Here. Cutest thing ever.


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