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So, I've been on a Seven & Ace binge recently. I honestly think that era was the best Who has ever been - even better than Four & Romana (although there's not much in it). It has character arcs, and emotional moments that aren't sentimental, and cool surreal bits, and huge amounts of femslashy subtext.

So anyway, here are some selected highlights of my Seven & Ace fanfic reading:

1. Killing Time Seven & Ace & Romana. Versus some Daleks. It is brilliant. Angsty in places, hilarious in others, with some lovely bittersweet shippery bits.
2. A Still More Terrible Night Awaits Us A creepy little slice of psychological horror and historical RPF. In which the line between cosmic wonder and cosmic horror is very fine indeed...
3. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy A horribly plausible look at little Dorothy's screwed-up relationship with her mother.
4. The War of the Roses In which A Charitable Earth branches out. And Gita Chandra's life gets even weirder. Charming and fluffy as only an SJA crossover can be.
5. An Evil Memory Lingering Dorothy's first encounter with Gabriel Chase. Great character moments and really clever use of Ghost Light references.
6. Protect and Survive A chilling alt-history take on the Cold War and the threat of nuclear Armageddon. Particularly horrible if you're a child of the 80s.
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A sadly Jossed fic in which the superb [ profile] prochytes writes a rather different take on Irene Adler. Which I think I rather prefer.
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1. [ profile] amy_wolf pointed me at this fic by [ profile] annlarimer. It is babyfic. Sherlock babyfic. And it is BRILLIANT and HILARIOUS and WRONG.

2. Hungover Owls. Ignore the captions, the pictures speak for themselves.

3. Anton Vowl of Enemies of Reason continues to post occasional bits of fluff in between taking down tabloid!FAIL. My favourite is probably his definitive list of animals beginning with O (although if you ask me ocelots beat EVERYTHING) and his work towards a biscuit hierarchy.

4. An answer to the question "do tigers like catnip?" Contains much footage of large vicious predators being adorable. Also, ocelots.

5. The Improbable Island. It's a text adventure MMORPG. I have only played it for about ten minutes, but it has me horribly fascinated already. I think I shall finish it post-thesis.
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It was a bit like eating a smoked salmon, asparagus, white truffle and champagne risotto made by someone who can't actually cook. All the ingredients were fantastic, but had been put together with only the haziest idea of in what proportions, in which order, and for how long. Still, if you prodded the sticky mess and picked off the charred bits, there were some delicious morsels in there.

Autopsy of an Epic Mess: contains spoilers for both parts of the End of Time )

Anyway, this has kind of inspired me to go hunting fics for my favourite fascinatingly wrong Slashy Nemeses again, and here are some recs:
1. Chasing The Paradox - a lovely, twisty, timey-wimey Doctor/Master romance, kind of sweet and deeply disturbing at the same time.
2. Intoxication - Academy-era fic, in which Ushas has to cope with Koschei's attempts to seduce Theta Sigma crashing through her study whilst she is trying to revise. Fairly dark comedy, in which Koschei comes over distinctly stalkery, with some dubious consent issues.
3.The one where Koschei goes all BDSM on Theta's arse - Academy-era fic, as NSFW as you might imagine, all psychological and creepy with definite consent issues.
4.Bit of femmeslash for a change of pace - Rani/GLaDoS. It really does work.
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Discovered today that the BBC is running a sci-fi season. This includes such squeetastic joys as Paul Cornell's adaptation of The State of the Art, a documentary-style adaptation of Rendezvous with Rama as the Classic Serial, an audio reboot of Blake's 7, and Robert Rankin's Brightonomicon.

Ah, fandom. Always makes me feel better.

ETA: The B7 reboot is made of win, if you can get used to a Scottish Servalan and American Jenna. And the idea that Travis' first name is Stefan.

ETA2: For your interest, here's the best of the h/c fics I found t'other week:

1. Four and Twenty Blackbirds - FFXII. Rather fine Fran & Balthier fic. Sky pirates. Angst. Yay!
2. Beyond Embarassment - in which dying gives Benton Fraser a whole new lease of life. Lovely slash piece, very sweet.
3. Eight Sessions - Due South again. Witty, perceptive, very slashy, incredibly sweet.
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I am tired, depressed and misanthropic right now, so of course I have a terrible urge to read hurt/comfort fic and drink large amounts of red wine. Any recommendations?

My preferred fandoms right now would probably be Heroes, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Due South, Blake's 7 and Top Gear. If you can turn up any 2000AD slashfic, I will be a) absolutely astonished and b) eternally grateful. Wine recommendations also appreciated.
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I've got a cold that won't go away, a car at the opposite end of the country, and a graduate student career that's coming to resemble the Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei without any of the fun bits. What better way to cheer myself up than with five utterly bizarre crossovers and some ocelot kittens?

1. In The Sewers He Lies Dreaming by [ profile] spuffyduds. Due South/Lovecraft.

2. A whole series of Dangermouse/Professionals crossovers by Debra Hicks.

3. Sailor Hellblazer by David Tai and Rod M. Sailor Moon/Hellblazer. No, really.

4. And The Sun Smiled Down On Me by Ken Cockrel, Jr. Hellblazer/I'm not saying for reasons of spoilers.

5. Rumpole and the Mutant Problem by Palle Madsen. Rumpole of the Bailey/X-Men. Sadly incomplete, but rather wonderful as far as it goes.

6. I promised you kittens. Here. Cutest thing ever.
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1. Lust Over Pendle: in which war hero Neville Longbottom shocks the Wizarding World by shacking up with Draco Malfoy. An interesting blend of comedy of manners and spy thriller, in a Dorothy L. Sayers-esque writing style.

2. Harry Potter and the Mai Tai of Doom. It has Harry Potter, Voldemort and a tiki bar in it. It is impressively Wrong, and great fun.

3. The Boys of Summer: Harry Potter. Cricket. Sirius Black impersonates Test Match Special. Margaret Thatcher proves to be much, much scarier than Voldemort.

4. Cat Tales: Batman/Catwoman, done as a rather sweet rom-com.

5. Look at the pretty maths!



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