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Discovered today that the BBC is running a sci-fi season. This includes such squeetastic joys as Paul Cornell's adaptation of The State of the Art, a documentary-style adaptation of Rendezvous with Rama as the Classic Serial, an audio reboot of Blake's 7, and Robert Rankin's Brightonomicon.

Ah, fandom. Always makes me feel better.

ETA: The B7 reboot is made of win, if you can get used to a Scottish Servalan and American Jenna. And the idea that Travis' first name is Stefan.

ETA2: For your interest, here's the best of the h/c fics I found t'other week:

1. Four and Twenty Blackbirds - FFXII. Rather fine Fran & Balthier fic. Sky pirates. Angst. Yay!
2. Beyond Embarassment - in which dying gives Benton Fraser a whole new lease of life. Lovely slash piece, very sweet.
3. Eight Sessions - Due South again. Witty, perceptive, very slashy, incredibly sweet.
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So I was looking through EMusic earlier on tonight, deciding what tracks to nab before I left for good due to skintness, and spotted an album by Abney Park. I dithered a little over whether to get it - yes, steampunk rock, it's an interesting concept, on the other hand, I could get some more electro - and then noticed that the band were dressed as airship pirates. And then I knew I had to have it.

Which experience has started me thinking about my own personal Rule of Cool: those particular tropes and concepts which automatically make me Sold On a work of fiction.

My personal Rules Of Cool )


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