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"Okay, so let's call that Plan W."
"Why, what were Plans A to V?"
"I don't know, but they've got to have been better than that one."

- overheard in an Amber game.

There's always some moment in any tabletop RPG when the party ends up committed to a plan that made perfect sense at the time, but which really should make any objective observer go "Y'what?!"

In my last D&D game, an NPC suggested the following plan to our PC group:
"So we'd like you to steal the secret papers from the vault under the mayor's mansion. No, it's OK - we've got a plan to get you in. You just have to audition for this snuff play, right, then if you survive you'll get invited to the devil-worshippers' after-party at the mansion, so you can get them drunk and break into the vaults."
For some reason, we ended up agreeing to it.

Can anyone top this in the Bloody Stupid Plan stakes?
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So, the nights are drawing in, the weather is getting cold and nasty, and I'm going into misanthropy mode again. Here are some of thing I found to make myself feel better:

1. Map of the C++ Lands . I think I'm in the bit marked "programmers eat each other here" right now.
2. Sex tips from D&D players. You can tell they aren't Living Greyhawk players since single transferable vote doesn't get mentioned once.
3. Atomic theory explained with golden retrievers. I couldn't hate the species that got its quasi-symbiotic servitor race to do that and look so damned cute whilst doing it.
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1. Outline Arachnekallisti's Special and General Theories of Mary Sue, and use them to explain observed phenomena with reference to EITHER Strontium Dog OR Torchwood, and at least TWO other fandoms. )

2. If Rorschach represents Kantian deontological ethics, Ozymandias represents utilitarianism, and Dr Manhattan represents some kind of existentialism, what about Dan and Laurie?

3. Judge Dredd: evidence that Lawful Neutral is in fact the scariest alignment?

4. Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer - Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser IN SPACE! Discuss.


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