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Title: Strays
Author: Arachne Kallisti
Fandom: Portal 2/Doctor Who
Rating: G. Actually quite fluffy.
Characters/Pairing: Doctor/TARDIS, sort of TARDIS/Wheatley if you squint
Disclaimer: The Whoniverse belongs to Auntie Beeb, and everything in Aperture Laboratories belongs to Valve.
Summary: Nobody can travel with the Doctor for very long without something about him rubbing off on them.

Author's Notes: Massive spoilers for Portal 2 and Who 6x04 "The Doctor's Wife". Beta-read by the superb [ profile] chaosdeathfish.

She never took him where he wanted to go, but she always took him where he needed to. )
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I've got a cold that won't go away, a car at the opposite end of the country, and a graduate student career that's coming to resemble the Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei without any of the fun bits. What better way to cheer myself up than with five utterly bizarre crossovers and some ocelot kittens?

1. In The Sewers He Lies Dreaming by [ profile] spuffyduds. Due South/Lovecraft.

2. A whole series of Dangermouse/Professionals crossovers by Debra Hicks.

3. Sailor Hellblazer by David Tai and Rod M. Sailor Moon/Hellblazer. No, really.

4. And The Sun Smiled Down On Me by Ken Cockrel, Jr. Hellblazer/I'm not saying for reasons of spoilers.

5. Rumpole and the Mutant Problem by Palle Madsen. Rumpole of the Bailey/X-Men. Sadly incomplete, but rather wonderful as far as it goes.

6. I promised you kittens. Here. Cutest thing ever.
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I blame the fact that I'm supposed to be proofreading. Work avoidance FTW!

Cross-posted to [ profile] ihasafreezeray. There's a DoctorDonna version of "Still Alive" been done here by [ profile] adroidmortox247, if you're interested.

Caps by [ profile] inadream_caps, and captions by roflbot.

Dr Horrible is still alive... 32 macros under the cut. )


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