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On the other side of the page from the Afterword, there was a list of Other Books By The Same Author. They're mainly rather pulpy fantasy stories about a nice married couple from New York who travel the world, have adventures, fight alongside sword-wielding vigilante reptile women in London and that sort of thing. Amy was also published in Weird Tales, mentored the young Leigh Brackett and C.L. Moore, and scared the hell out of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (which wasn't exactly difficult).

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Yes! This is so good it must be true! I am going to believe that this is what happens despite any future evidence to the contrary.

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One of River's most treasured possessions is an A. Pond first edition, which has a dedication to "the original Melody" in it.

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There is also the matter of Freya Stark, not all of whose expeditions were subsequently published. The co-authored account of what went on at Irem of the Pillars was suppressed, as it would have given away to the public what really happened to Torchwood Four. Copies remained, however. In the early Twenty-First Century, Ianto would dip into it whenever he had finished hoovering at the Hub.

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Thanks for drawing Freya Stark to my attention! I'd heard the name, but wasn't previously aware of quite what an amazing life she'd had.

Whilst struggling with writer's block, Richard Castle read half of a battered copy of one of A. Pond's Melody Malone mysteries, and vaguely considered trying to do something clever and sci-fi with a time-travelling detective. He ran into Kate Beckett at the book launch the day afterwards, so Nikki Heat ended up being a rather different character in the end. And the rest is history...

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Castle also found one of Melody's other tales - about a Wild West setting with curiously futuristic tech, a doctor on the run, and a deeply traumatized super-soldier who eventually triumphed over the programming and the demons associated with it - strangely compelling. He never really worked out why.

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Y'know, they kept going on about having to do stuff if it was in the book. Umm, no, actually; all it means is that it has to be written in the book. similarly, the gravestone has to be present, but they don't actually need to stay there. Obviously when the Doctor told Brian, he waited til he'd left and then used his specially modified time turner to go back and fetch them, leaving a gravestone to cover his tracks. This did of course force him to reveal himself to Rory, secretly grown from cells of Fred Weasley.


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