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So, it's the Doctor Who finale tomorrow! Let's speculate wildly about it.

I bloody well hope Amy and Rory are significant in it. Especially Amy - she's been so passive this series. I really want her to kick back against the Doctor packing her off home.

I'm intrigued by Amy's perfume advert. The fact that it's called "Petrichor" suggests that Amy designed it herself, and she isn't just advertising some random scent. How come Amy's marketing her own perfume brand? Is she famous for something else and just cashing in on that (as [ profile] gin_gerkitten pointed out, it does seem to be a thing famous young women do these days)? Is the perfume ad part of the plan? Some kind of memetic virus? We already know that subliminals are a good way of dealing with Silence agents.

It's been clearly foreshadowed that the Doctor who gets shot at Lake Silencio is a ganger. The question is, when is the Ganger!Doctor created, and when does the switch happen?

What about River? Does she break her programming? Is she a reluctant villain for the whole episode? Is the Doctor really the "good man" she killed, or might that be someone else - maybe even Rory?

Do we finally get to see Amy and Rory dealing with the angst inherent in their complicated and messed-up family situation? We've had so many troubled father-son relationships this series that seem to be orbiting round this gap where we'd expect a really troubled mother-daughter relationship which we're just not seeing. Failure of imagination on the part of a mostly male writing team, perhaps?

I am going to take some impressing, Moffat. But I think it can be done.

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