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So, it's the Doctor Who finale tomorrow! Let's speculate wildly about it.

I bloody well hope Amy and Rory are significant in it. Especially Amy - she's been so passive this series. I really want her to kick back against the Doctor packing her off home.

I'm intrigued by Amy's perfume advert. The fact that it's called "Petrichor" suggests that Amy designed it herself, and she isn't just advertising some random scent. How come Amy's marketing her own perfume brand? Is she famous for something else and just cashing in on that (as [ profile] gin_gerkitten pointed out, it does seem to be a thing famous young women do these days)? Is the perfume ad part of the plan? Some kind of memetic virus? We already know that subliminals are a good way of dealing with Silence agents.

It's been clearly foreshadowed that the Doctor who gets shot at Lake Silencio is a ganger. The question is, when is the Ganger!Doctor created, and when does the switch happen?

What about River? Does she break her programming? Is she a reluctant villain for the whole episode? Is the Doctor really the "good man" she killed, or might that be someone else - maybe even Rory?

Do we finally get to see Amy and Rory dealing with the angst inherent in their complicated and messed-up family situation? We've had so many troubled father-son relationships this series that seem to be orbiting round this gap where we'd expect a really troubled mother-daughter relationship which we're just not seeing. Failure of imagination on the part of a mostly male writing team, perhaps?

I am going to take some impressing, Moffat. But I think it can be done.

Date: 2011-09-30 10:45 am (UTC)
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I am going to take some impressing, Moffat. But I think it can be done.

This, mostly. He's going to have to do a lot to make up for "Amy Williams", though.

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Yeah. If Amy's arc turns out to be a triumphant vindication of doing things her own way that points out that shoving her into somebody else's idea of domestic bliss was a terrible, terrible move, then I will feel satisfied.

Otherwise, there's a bucket of wet fish with Moffat's name on it.

Date: 2011-10-01 03:41 am (UTC)
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The more I think about this, the less I feel able to specualate on anything, and the more questions I have. So, just to prove I'm paying attention, here they are :)

I'm currently rewatching Day Of The Moon, though, and this sentence sprang right out at me. When the Silence have Amy captive and she revives for the Xth time to ask where she is, one of the Silence says:

'You are Amelia Pond. We do you honour. You will break the silence, but your part will soon be over.'

Soo how does Amelia break the silence - by giving birth to Melody or by some as-yet-unseen action where she rescues the Doctor? Is the Silence predicting her vanishment/loss in a 'your song is ending soon' way?

Second thing that's bothering me. River has been put in a space suit at least twice now:
- once as a child, when she called Nixon and Amy shot her. She's seen again in the same space suit six months later when she shows up in the orphanage.
- once as an adult at the end of last episode, where she is actually in the lake.
So, given that the Silence can time travel to the 52nd century despite being fairly thoroughly messed with in 1969, which one is actually the one who kills the Doctor? Or is it neither?

Something is also bugging me about the two periods of blank time - one is the three months during which the Doctor is held prisoner by the FBI and Amy, Rory and River travel all fifty states (and presumably Amy is switched with Ganger!Amy). The other is the gap between when the Dpoctor dropped them off and now, in which Amy became famous and in demand, and markets perfume. I strongly suspect something significant and as yet unseen will be shown from one of these periods.

And finally, just for a random thing. The Doctor who died at Lake Silencio was eleven hundred and three. Given that the Doctor can't usually go fifteen minutes without tripping over a new companion after leaving his last one, who has he been travelling with all this time? *pause while I create fanon in which it was obviously Jack*

I'm liking the possibility that River kills Rory, but I suspect it won't happen. Rory has been figured once too often as 'a better man than the Doctor', certainly from Amy's POV and lately in a moral light as well - but he has been killed off so often that no one would believe it.

I'm deeply enjoying the suspense. I am finding that Moffat's elaborate plot twists keep me guessing delightfully. Also, I am now going to bed. long ramble was long, sorry.



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