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The thing about "Let's Kill Hitler" is that it comes over like edited highlights from three different episodes spliced together into one episode by the ingenious expedient of cutting out all the exposition.

There's a rather intriguing one about time-travelling shapeshifting robots full of tiny cross people hunting down unpunished war criminals, which is the sort of combination of an intellectually engaging thought experiment about the nature of justice with a load of utter crack that you'd expect from 2000AD. There was the timey-wimey mind screw in which Amy discovers that her childhood friend was in fact her time-travelling assassin daughter from the future. Then there was the episode in which the Doctor lay dying and his only hope was for Amy and Rory to hunt down Melody Pond, the only other surviving Time Lord, and persuade her to develop a conscience.

All of which looked like rather good episodes, but I'd have liked to see the whole of them rather than just the highlights out of them. RTD's besetting sin was writing like a D&D module - cool set-piece fights strung together with minimal plot. Moffat seems to have come round full circle and achieved the same kind of effect by trying to pack ten pounds of plot into a one pound bag, thus assailing the audience with a kind of jet of hypercompressed plot when the bag is eventually opened.

Which is not to say I didn't like it at all; River's timefucked backstory was handled really cleverly, and there were a load of nice, subtle touches such as the way Mels' body language with the gun mimicked River's. On a much more shallow level, there was Matt Smith looking vulnerable in evening dress, and Alex Kingston in Those Boots. I just found it a bit frustrating.

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